• TDTips: Closing Assignments

    Welcome to another episode of TD Tips.

    Our video this week presents how to close, find closed assignments and re-open them again in Teacher Dashboard. Closing assignments helps to keep your assignments list more relevant and easier to navigate.

    To close your overdue assignments in Teacher Dashboard, navigate to the Assignments list and click “List view” next to the Filters. You will see your assignments listed and new options like Close, Delete and Manage are available now on the right-hand side. Click “Close” next to the assignments you wish to close. Done!

    Don't worry when you see your assignments disappearing from the view. They are all still there, just not visible.

  • TDTips – Sending Parent Notifications

    Our video this week presents how to enable parent notifications and add parent details within Teacher Dashboard, so they will receive email notifications when teachers send out assignments and feedback.

    First, you will need to ask your school’s administrator to enable Parent Management for you. They can do this by logging into Teacher Dashboard and navigating to Parent Management from the School Settings menu.

    Second, as a Teacher you have to decide if you want to notify your parents when you send new assignments or when you return assignments with grades, feedback, or both. In Teacher Dashboard go to the Notifications menu and select your preferred options.

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  • TDTips - Exporting Grades

    Our video this week presents how to export grades from Teacher Dashboard into a csv file; whether it be for an indivdual student, for all students part of an assignment, for multiple assignments, or all assignments across the entire school: 


    If you are using Class Notebook in either OneNote or in Teams, connecting it to Teacher Dashboard will upload grades given in your Class Notebook to Teacher Dashboard, which will also be included in your grade export. To learn how to connet your Class Notebook with Teacher Dashbaord, please see the following Mix:


    TDTips - Accessing and Navigating your Teacher and Student Dashboards

    If you are new to the Teacher Dashboard community, or looking for some pointers, then you've come to the right place!

    TDTips provides simple guides aimed at making your Teacher and Student Dashboard experience better.

    To get things rolling, I thought let's get back to the basics, starting with accessing Teacher and Student Dashboard, and then navigating through them.  

    You may already be familiar with some of the info presented in these videos's, but you may also pick a couple useful pointers up.

    Ok, let's get started. 

    The following video goes through the various ways of accessing Teacher and Student Dashboard, whether it be via your browser, or through our Windows 10 apps:

    This next video runs through navigating Teacher Dashboard: