The Student dashboard allows students to view, manage and submit their assignments through a personalised portal.


  • Keep track of upcoming and complete assignments
  • Search and filter through your work
  • Review and revise from past assignments
  • Mobile and Tablet ready


Distraction free

  • Complete your tasks in a clean, easily maintained workspace.
  • Open online files directly from Student Dashboard
  • Hand-in completed work with a single click
  • Keep your files organised automatically

Learning over time

  • Hand-in. Receive feedback. Make improvements. Repeat
  • Use clear workflows to keep working on the most up to date feedback
  • View past submissions within each assignment, kept in their own ePortfolio.

Collaboration and Questions

  • Work together within OneNotes created by your teacher or added by you
  • View classmates' questions and your teachers answers


Benefits for Students

  • See all assignments in one place
  • Keep track of your progress and upcoming deadlines
  • Submit your assignments in a single click
  • Collaborate with your teachers and research with your fellow students through Questions & Answers
  • Receive on-going feedback and comments ensuring you ‘learn over time’
  • All actions in one timeline
  • Ask questions and receive answers

Benefits for Teachers

  • Focus your students’ attention to the task at hand
  • Reduced administration and timewasting over data management
  • No more excuses