Empower your teachers to create, join and manage their own classes.

It's so frustrating when there are issues with class management. It's the beginning of the school day and you have a load of emails about changes that you have to make to classes across the school. Students have moved class and you have to arrange the cover staff.

Rather than fielding these requests and plodding through them one by one, why not give your teachers the ability to make their changes as needed?

With a range of different permissions available, you can give your teachers the most appropriate form of self service to match your set up, reducing your admin tasks and handing the power back to the teachers who need to make on the go modifications to their classes.

Do you have a small number of classes to manage? Why not give your teachers full permissions so they can manage their classes and add new ones as they need.

Do you have your classes set up as groups in AAD? Why not give your teachers the 'join' permission so they can join and leave classes as needed, while the students are managed through AAD sync?

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