Multischool is designed for customers who host more than one school on the same Office 365 tenant.

Whether you want to create dashboards for all the schools in your district, or separate your university into different faculties, Multischool allows you to set each one up as its own “ring-fenced” organisation - each with its own classes, groups and users, which can be managed by their own Teacher Dashboard admins. Multischool gives you full control over what is made visible between schools, and allows each school to be assigned a subscription plan that’s right for them.

Multischool not only improves security, it improves efficiency by only exposing the classes, users and assignments that are relevant to each school. It also creates exciting new opportunities for collaboration across schools and regional level reporting and performance montioring.

How can you access Multischool?

Users with the 'Multischool Admin’ role can access Multischool through the “Multischool Manager” link in the main toolbar. When you first sign up to Teacher Dashbaord, you will automatically get this role. As a Multischool Admin, you can assign this role to other users as well, or remove it from any of your existing ones.

What can a Multischool Admin do?

Users with the Multischool Admin role can create new schools or faculties in their Teacher Dashboard instance, and assign classes, groups and users to the appropriate location. Alternatively, they can delegate the management of the schools to separate School Administrators who will have full control over their own school, but can’t see any others.

Multischool is a standard feature that is available free in all of our Teacher Dashboard plans.

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