What should I do first?

I have recently been discussing different initial experiences of Teacher Dashboard with our customers, and so I thought I would share the steps to get up and running as quickly as possible.

Whether you are a teacher, an IT Admin, or a network administrator for a district, I recommend that before you even think about syncing classes, setting up subjects, etc., everyone should start off by sending and responding to an assignment that they have set for themselves so they can see both the teacher and student experiences of Teacher Dashboard.

  1. Teacher

    Login as a Teacher and go to the Assignments page, click on 'New' and enter your test assignment title.

    On the Details page, enter some sample instructions, select 'Other' as your subject, put in a due time and date and pick your marking format.

    Next, in the 'Users' box, type in your username and select it from the dropdown options. At this stage, you could also click on 'Add' and attach a file from your computer or your OneDrive.

    Click on Send

  2. Student

    Still logged in as your user, go back to your email inbox on Office365.

    You will receive an email from Teacher Dashboard for the assignment that you have just sent. Open the email, and click on the button at the bottom of the email to log into Student Dashboard

    Once in Student Dashboard, you'll see the instructions you entered, time remaining and files that were sent over as part of this assignment.

    Either click on 'copy to My Work' or go to the 'My Work' tab and add a file from your OneDrive or local computer. The My Work section is where your students will complete their work and then 'Hand-in' their files so they are ready for you, as a teacher, to collect them.

    When you've made some edits or uploaded a file to 'My work', click on 'Hand-in' and change the status of the assignment to 'Complete'. If you then go to the 'Work Handed-in' tab, you will see that the file is awaiting collection.

  3. Teacher

    Switch back to your Teacher Dashboard window, or enter https://teacherdashboard365.com in your browser and navigate back to the test assignment.

    On the Assessment tab you'll see that your user has a status of three green dots for 'Complete' and there is a '1' under Ready to collect, displaying the file that you just handed in.

    Click on the Collect button and then open your assessment card. Here you can open the file you submitted as a student, add you own file, comment and grade. You can also recollect assignments from your students if needed and you can switch between each collection on the timeline.

    When you have entered a grade and comment, click on 'Return to Student'

  4. Student

    Switch back to your student view, or go to https://teacherdashboard365.com/portal in your browser and navigate back to the test assignment.

    On the 'Work handed-in' tab, you can now see the feedback that you have received along with files that have been returned to you. If you need to do more work and re hand-in your work, you can either keep working on the original files in your 'My Work' tab, or you can copy the returned files to your 'My Work' and make changes to the file your teacher sent back to you.

Next steps

Once you have completed these steps you will have a better idea of what you can do with Teacher Dashboard. The next thing to do, is to consider the best candidate for a pilot class.

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