Upgrade to TD Basic Version 2.0

In order to take advantage of the great features in the latest release, you may need to upgrade your Teacher Dashboard plan to TD Basic 2.0. This is a really simple and quick process and is necessary to set the correct permissions with your teachers and students in order to continue setting assignments and sharing files.

NOTE: You have to have Microsoft Tenant Administrator permissions in order to perform the upgrade. If this is not you, please speak to your IT team.

Step 1


When you are logged in as an Administrator on Teacher Dashboard, please click on the Admin link and go to the Subscription tab. Click on the button under Change your plan saying "Upgrade to TD Basic version 2.0"


Step 2


On the upgrade screen you need to select the option "I'm the 'Tenant Administrator' for this tenant" in order to continue. If you do not have the correct permissions, you can select the second option and email your IT department.


Step 3


Now you will be asked to confirm giving Teacher Dashboard a number of permissions. You will need to click 'Accept' as these are required in order to use the basic functionality in TD Basic. Please see our FAQ section for more information about our security.


Thats it!


Congratulations, you have now successfully upgraded to the latest version of TD Basic. Now you can upgrade or enable your 90 free trial of TD Plus.


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