• TDTips: Teacher Dashboard Classroom

    This week’s TD Tips are all about our main announcement from the BETT show: Teacher Dashboard Classroom.

    We are steadily sending out sign up codes and working through our waiting list for Classroom, so here is a sneak preview of what to expect from our new free version of Teacher Dashboard.

    In this Teacher Dashboard Classroom demo we have covered:

    • The new Classroom interface and navigating through your classes;
    • Browsing Students OneDrives;
    • Checking on Students Progress;
    • Understanding your assignments’ statuses;
    • Creating new assignment;
    • Grading, collecting and returning;
    • Student Dashboard – what student sees

    There is still time to join the waiting list for Teacher Dashboard Classroom.

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    Frequently asked questions:

    • Q: Will the new class pages be available for existing customers?
      A: Yes, we plan to release the new class based pages for existing customers before Easter.
    • Q: Can I have multiple teachers in a single class within Classroom?
      A: No, Classroom is restricted to one teacher per installation, however a school can have as many installations as they need. If you require multiple teacher classes/ assignments, you will need to upgrade to our 'School' package.
    • Q: Can an administrator automate the class management within Classroom?
      A: No, in order to make use of the automated class management tools, your school will need to upgrade to the 'School' package.
    • Q: Do students have access to Student Dashboard if I use Classroom?
      A: Yes, our new free package includes Student Dashboard.

    Thank you for reading and see you soon.

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