• TDTips: No Files Found

    Welcome to another episode of TD Tips.

    In this week’s episode, we will show you what to do when you see the status “No Files Found” after collecting an assignment, and what it means.

    If you are just starting with Teacher Dashboard, seeing “No Files Found” next to your best students might be confusing. Did my student really not submit their work? Were there any technical difficulties? Do I put a bad mark against my student, or do I ask them whether they have submitted their work? Before panicking or blaming the student, let’s see different scenarios when this might happen.

    What does it mean?

    In short it can mean only two things – the student hasn't successfully submitted the work through their Student Dashboard interface, or, you have already collected the files. In the first scenario, the student might have forgotten to submit, but work could have actually been done, and later in this article I will explain how to check this.

    Either way, we suggest you follow up with the student on this, maybe they just didn't realise they have to press “Hand in” in order to submit the work.

    Are there previous collections?

    The status only displays for the last collection. Therefore, if you have already collected work beforehand from the student, making a second collection, if no updates were submitted, will display “No files found”. However, don't panic, it's all there. To find your previously collected files on the assessment card timeline, click on the red round bulletpoint to navigate to the previous entry (check the video for the detailed demonstration).

    Check their OneDrive

    To find out if a student actually did any work, you can always browse their OneDrive. Navigate to your homepage, find the student and click the option “Browse OneDrive” next to their name.

    Note: This will only work if they were completing their work online, or uploaded offline documents to their “My Work” Folder.

    You won’t be able to open these files online, but by clicking on the file, Teacher Dashboard will start a download directly from the student’s OneDrive, to your computer. If you find that work was completed, you can now mark it and upload it back to the student with your feedback return.

    I hope this was helpful, let us know how we did, or if you have any questions and we will make sure that TD Tips answers them next!

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