• TDTips: Closing Assignments

    Welcome to another episode of TD Tips.

    Our video this week presents how to close, find closed assignments and re-open them again in Teacher Dashboard. Closing assignments helps to keep your assignments list more relevant and easier to navigate.

    To close your overdue assignments in Teacher Dashboard, navigate to the Assignments list and click “List view” next to the Filters. You will see your assignments listed and new options like Close, Delete and Manage are available now on the right-hand side. Click “Close” next to the assignments you wish to close. Done!

    Don't worry when you see your assignments disappearing from the view. They are all still there, just not visible.

    To find your closed assignments, click on Filters and select the “Closed” option. You will notice all your closed assignments appearing again in your Tile or List view are greyed out. To re-open them click “List view” and next to the Filters select option “Make active again”.

    Important note: Closing assignments does not remove them from Student Dashboard. Closed assignments are still available to your students. This is to keep student access and allow them to always go back to their previous work and learn from the feedback. If you wish an assignment to disappear from Student Dashboard, the only way is to Delete them, but we will cover this in our next TD Tips.

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