Our pricing model has changed - for the better!

The thinking behind our price model change

After a long and careful review of our pricing, and taking into account all the feedback you've given us, we've overhauled our pricing model.

Whereas previously our charges were calculated on the number of students you have at your school, we've now moved to a teacher based pricing model.


Well there are a number of reasons:

  1. You told us you didn't understand why the cost of a service that was largely used by teachers, was based on the number of students in a school, when those students don't really use the service directly. We agree with you - the tool is of most benefit to teachers, and so that is how it should be priced.
  2. It brings the cost down in schools where there is a high student to teacher ratio - thereby giving advantage to countries with poorer funding than others.
  3. It lets schools "ease" their way into the service. Some of you told us you wished to phase the service in over a few years, starting with the older classes first, and we realised our student pricing model wasn't a great fit for that, with teacher based pricing far clearer.
  4. It will work out cheaper for most schools - you only need to buy licenses for teachers who will use it - whereas previously all students, even those in classes where the teacher had no intention of using the service, would need to be licensed.

What about if I am in the final stages of a purchase decision which was based on student based pricing?

Just get in touch. If you feel this new pricing model disadvantages you in any way, we're happy to honour the old one, and we'll keep that opportunity open until the end of this year. So any schools, system integrators or others who are making purchase decisions based on the old pricing model will have until December 31st, 2014 to purchase, at which time we will retire student pricing. You can sign up for 1 year on the student model but on renewal will need to switch to the new model.

If anyone has any questions about this change, please feel free to contact us. We feel confident that this new model will benefit everyone, but we want to hear from you if you don't agree.

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