The End of Classroom...

Today the Northern Hemisphere says "goodbye" to Microsoft Classroom.

I know it received mixed reviews from teachers across the globe, but let's face it: if it fulfilled your assignment needs, it was good. 

I always liked MS Classroom. I was impressed with its task focussed design and how it was a helpful first step towards integrating a minimalist assignment workflow into schools, especially considering it's announcement coincided with the start of a mass exodus from larger learning products for being too complex and underutilised.

MS Classroom did have its shortcomings. Things like a lack of tracking teaching-over-time, no parent engagement and numerical only marking formats meant that it was never going to be universally adopted. Of course, this was a conscious decision by Microsoft so these schools could upgrade to more advanced products like Teacher Dashboard when their needs outstripped the available Classroom functionality.

Where is your MS Classroom data?

Microsoft has promised that all Classroom content is still available from within your Office 365 groups (except for assignment grades), so you can still copy the files that you want to save for next year. More details can be found on the Classroom info page.

What's next?

Understandably, there is a lot of anger from schools that have dedicated time and effort into trialling Classroom (just have a look at some of the pages on Edugeek), but all is not lost. The anger highlights the need and the adoptability of this simple assignment workflow product to the Senior Leadership Team, meaning the transition to your replacement product is smoother.

Have your plans been affected by the end of Classroom?

Check back later this week for a brief review of Microsoft Teams and its possibilities with Teacher Dashboard.


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