Announcing: Classroom, by Teacher Dashboard

Welcome to Classroom, the FREE, teacher managed version of Teacher Dashboard.


What is Classroom?

The FREE version of Teacher Dashboard is being streamlined for Teachers who want to get on with setting and marking their online assignments with minimal fuss.

Teachers can create their own account, add students to their class and send assignments within seconds.

Classroom features the same powerful assignment workflow, but gives the control of set up and maintenance to the individual teacher.

Everything you need as a teacher and student to send, complete, hand-in, collect and feedback on online assignments.

Why Classroom?

Learning management systems typically have steep learning curves and are full of features that never get used. Classroom by Teacher Dashboard is the most lightweight online assignment solution available. Teachers can get up and running in seconds for free.

When will Classroom arrive?

Classroom has now arrived. you can Create your account here.

Existing TD Basic customers will be migrated onto the new Classroom package later in the year.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Q: Will the new class pages be available for existing customers?
    A: Yes, we plan to release the new class based pages for existing customers before Easter.
  • Q: Can I have multiple teachers in a single class within Classroom?
    A: No, Classroom is restricted to one teacher per installation, however a school can have as many installations as they need. If you require multiple teacher classes/ assignments, you will need to upgrade to our 'School' package.
  • Q: Can an administrator automate the class management within Classroom?
    A: No, in order to make use of the automated class management tools, your school will need to upgrade to the 'School' package.
  • Q: Do students have access to Student Dashboard if I use Classroom?
    A: Yes, our new free package includes Student Dashboard.

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