• TDTips: No Files Found

    Welcome to another episode of TD Tips.

    In this week’s episode, we will show you what to do when you see the status “No Files Found” after collecting an assignment, and what it means.

    If you are just starting with Teacher Dashboard, seeing “No Files Found” next to your best students might be confusing. Did my student really not submit their work? Were there any technical difficulties? Do I put a bad mark against my student, or do I ask them whether they have submitted their work? Before panicking or blaming the student, let’s see different scenarios when this might happen.

    What does it mean?

  • TDTips: Closing Assignments

    Welcome to another episode of TD Tips.

    Our video this week presents how to close, find closed assignments and re-open them again in Teacher Dashboard. Closing assignments helps to keep your assignments list more relevant and easier to navigate.

    To close your overdue assignments in Teacher Dashboard, navigate to the Assignments list and click “List view” next to the Filters. You will see your assignments listed and new options like Close, Delete and Manage are available now on the right-hand side. Click “Close” next to the assignments you wish to close. Done!

    Don't worry when you see your assignments disappearing from the view. They are all still there, just not visible.

  • TDTips – Sending Parent Notifications

    Our video this week presents how to enable parent notifications and add parent details within Teacher Dashboard, so they will receive email notifications when teachers send out assignments and feedback.

    First, you will need to ask your school’s administrator to enable Parent Management for you. They can do this by logging into Teacher Dashboard and navigating to Parent Management from the School Settings menu.

    Second, as a Teacher you have to decide if you want to notify your parents when you send new assignments or when you return assignments with grades, feedback, or both. In Teacher Dashboard go to the Notifications menu and select your preferred options.