Partner Program

Teacher Dashboard ( is an education platform for Office 365 that improves collaboration and productivity in the classroom. Teacher Dashboard is supported and maintained by Axis12 and our global network of partners.

We understand the value of a strong partnership and what it takes to build one. We are highly committed to continually strengthening our relationships with our partners by:

  • Listening to our partners and responding to their requirements
  • Working together to expand business opportunities
  • Regular communication between Axis12 and our partners

We value our partners highly and reward them with discounted pricing, exclusive access to quality training, expert guidance and marketing support.

Assignments and Marking coming in September

We've been working really hard to finish off the new 'Assignment and Marking' feature, which is on schedule to be released later this month. It will allow teachers to distribute homework or assignments to their students' OneDrives, and then retrieve them on the due date for review and marking. The feedback we have been getting from the Pilot groups has been very positive, so we're really excited about getting these features out to all of our schools as soon as possible.


We'll let you know when it's all ready to go!

Our pricing model has changed - for the better!

The thinking behind our price model change

After a long and careful review of our pricing, and taking into account all the feedback you've given us, we've overhauled our pricing model.

Whereas previously our charges were calculated on the number of students you have at your school, we've now moved to a teacher based pricing model.


Well there are a number of reasons: