Time flies for Teacher Dashboard

Since the pilot began several months ago, the product has been continually improving in response to the pilot users' feedback. The first major piece of functionality we added as a result of the pilot was a way to view the files of all students in a single view. Since then we've also massively improved group management and simplified the sharing process.

The success of the pilot means that word is spreading fast, and we have been receiving unsolicited enquiries from Australia and the UK from schools keen to join the pilot. We are incredibly excited in the rapid growth of Teacher Dashboard and are confident that this is just the beginning, with more tools, functionality and schools on the agenda.

Teacher Dashboard comes to New Zealand

The start of the New Year saw the launch our newest product - 'Teacher Dashboard'. And at the start of the education calendar we began piloting it in several schools in New Zealand. Teacher Dashboard is built as a complimentary tool to Microsoft Office 365 and OneDrive and aims to address the unique challenges and needs of teachers in an Office 365 classroom environment.

Although we are only a few weeks into the pilot feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive with one school commenting "...this is exactly what we have been waiting for". Teachers are finding that it is slashing the time it takes to distribute assignments and mark completed work.