• TDTips - Syncing your AAD groups and classes with TD

    Your AAD (Azure Active Directory) groups can be synced into Teacher Dashboard, so that any changes in AAD automatically sync across.

    The following guide provides how Tenant Administrators can enable AAD sync, how the syncing process works, and how to change groups to classes and vice versa:

    Please don't hesitate to contact us on support@teacherdashboard.com if we can assist you with this process.


    Thank you for stopping by, and the final BIG announcement

    Thats it, BETT 2018 has finished.

    What a fantastic show! Thank you to everyone who visited our stand and helped us get through 4,000 bags and 5,000 Yoyos.

    As promised, here is our final and BIGGEST announcement of the BETT show:


    We are upgrading our free version of Teacher Dashboard, so from now on our free subscription will include Student Dashboard, and Parents AND have a new Class based layout. We're starting to roll out Classroom to the people on our waiting list over the next few weeks, so look out for an email from us letting you know it is ready. For more information on the Classroom announcement, have a look at Announcing: Classroom, by Teacher Dashboard or join our waiting list to get access as soon as possible.

    Announcing: Classroom, by Teacher Dashboard

    Welcome to Classroom, the FREE, teacher managed version of Teacher Dashboard.


    What is Classroom?

    The FREE version of Teacher Dashboard is being streamlined for Teachers who want to get on with setting and marking their online assignments with minimal fuss.

    Teachers can create their own account, add students to their class and send assignments within seconds.

    Classroom features the same powerful assignment workflow, but gives the control of set up and maintenance to the individual teacher.

    Everything you need as a teacher and student to send, complete, hand-in, collect and feedback on online assignments.