Announcing: Classroom, by Teacher Dashboard

Welcome to Classroom, the FREE, teacher managed version of Teacher Dashboard.


What is Classroom?

The FREE version of Teacher Dashboard is being streamlined for Teachers who want to get on with setting and marking their online assignments with minimal fuss.

Teachers can create their own account, add students to their class and send assignments within seconds.

Classroom features the same powerful assignment workflow, but gives the control of set up and maintenance to the individual teacher.

Everything you need as a teacher and student to send, complete, hand-in, collect and feedback on online assignments.

Time for the second BIG announcement

We've had another very successful day on stand C353 today! Thank you to everyone who stopped by for a demo and listened to Tim's final day of talks.

As we only have one day to go, here is our second big announcement:


I'm really pleased to announce that we have been demoing our latest benefits for parents... our parent iOS app.


Parents can see a quick overview of any assignments that are overdue, still to do, and the number of assignments that have been set that week.


Parents can get involved in their child's learning and see exactly what they are being asked to complete as well as all feedback that you are sending.

The end of day two, and the first BIG announcement

We're at the halfway mark and things couldn't be going better. It was great to hear how everyone is using Teacher Dashboard within their schools and colleges.


A lot of people were asking about Microsoft Teams today. I'm really pleased to announce that Teams integration is one of the big three announcements for this year's BETT show. We're working hard to bring this to our customers as quickly as possible and we hope to have or Teams Add-in on the Microsoft store in a matter of weeks.

Here are a few pictures from the show today. You'll notice that we had a video crew filming some of Tim's talks. We'll put the videos online as soon as we can. In the meantime, visit out schedule page to see the order of talks for Friday