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Announcing Teacher Dashboard Classroom

The free version of Teacher Dashboard is getting a supercharged upgrade with a new layout and more features.

“Having the timeline allows me to evidence the feedback given to pupils at different stages, which was previously difficult to do when work was in an electronic format.” Ribblesdale High School
“A fellow teacher mentioned this tool to me and I have to say that its great! Such an easy way to share and collect work between myself and students.” Heather Bishop
“One piece of homework marked and returned on @dashboard365! Absolutely loving it” Innovative Teacher on Twitter
“Pupils like the way Student Dashboard allows them to ask questions directly about the work they are doing. It gives them that extra bit of support when they are struggling at home” Ribblesdale High School
“Teacher Dashboard makes the process of receiving, assessing, recording and returning work to students much easier” Launceston Church Grammar School


  • Quick to setup
  • Flexible recipient options
  • Fully integrated with Office365
  • Gradebook and other exports

  • More...

Student Dashboard

  • Automated filing
  • Full activity history
  • Public and private Q&A
  • Learning over time

  • More...

Students' OneDrives

  • Students' OneDrives automatically organised
  • Collect assignments at any time
  • Browse students' OneDrives

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